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Getting Started


Things to Consider

Whether you're interested in learning more about TMS, or it's been recommended to you, there are some things to consider before moving forward. For some, it's an excited next step in their mental health journey. For others, it can be overwhelming. Don't let that stop you from learning more. Here are some things to consider when pursuing TMS.

Is TMS a safe treatment option for you?
With your help, we will determine if you are eligible to receive TMS services based on a review of your medical and mental health history.

When is the right time to do TMS?
There's no right answer to this- but we advise patients to be aware of and prepare for significant time commitment when pursuing TMS. In general, there are 36 total appointments that are scheduled for about 8-9 weeks. The first 30 treatment sessions are scheduled 5 days a week (Monday through Friday) for the first 6 weeks, with the remaining 6 treatment sessions scheduled over the following 2-3 weeks. 

What is the cost for TMS?
Once we determine TMS is right for you, we discuss one of two options for financial coverage. If you qualify, we will submit a prior authorization request to your insurance carrier for coverage of TMS. Please note that depending on your plan, there may be a portion of the cost that you are responsible for (e.g. copay, deductible, coinsurance). If TMS is right for you but your insurance carrier does not authorize coverage for treatments, we do offer a private, cash payment plan.  Contact us for more information regarding financial coverage. 

your tms journey

Step one

Initial consultations to determine eligibility. 

Step two

Arrange insurance coverage or establish payment plan.

Step three

Schedule your treatment course with our TMS staff.

step four

Mapping appointment with our clinician to determine the treatment site.

Step five


Thirty-six treatments Monday-Friday for approximately 30 minutes.

Wondering if TMS is right for you?

Filling out this form to give our TMS staff a baseline to begin the consultation process. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, so please answer to the best of your ability. Once you complete this form a member of our staff will reach out to you within one business day. 

Have you been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder?
Has your depression been treated with psychotherapy (talk therapy)?
Have you ever had, or do you have a history of seizures?
Have you experienced multiple trials of antidepressant medications with minimal to no success?
Do you have any metallic or magnetic implants in your head?

Thanks for submitting!

Please note that every Self Screen Form that we receive will be reviewed and a TMS staff member will reach out to set up a consultation with further information.

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How to schedule

There are several ways to schedule a consult. 


Please be sure to let our staff know that you are inquiring about a consult. You can also use these methods of communication to ask any questions you may have regarding NeuroStar TMS treatments.

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